Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crafty Road Trip

Normally at this time of the year, the weather in New England can be dark, dank, dreary, and dull (not to mention that there's the possibility of snow well into April). Finally the blanket of clouds parted and we were graced with the presence of a little bit of sunshine. This mini "heatwave" lent itself well to a crafty ROADTRIP.

In actuality, I really only drove 29.7 miles. But I live in Rhode Island, and the mindset here in the smallest state is that driving for more than 20 minutes is a big deals. My little crafty excursion was bordering on the verge of being called a "daytrip," to some.

So where did I go, you might ask. I finally made the trek to the Franklin Mill Store located in Franklin, MA. Normally I get most of my fabric from Joann Fabric. You really can't beat some of the prices, and I hoard those 40% off coupons like it's nobody's business. But being a Joann's shopper, also means that I miss out on some of the gorgeous designer fabrics from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner, etc...

source: Mattapoisett I.

Last summer after a bit of googling, I stumbled across the website for the Franklin Mill Store. It wasn't terribly far from where I live and they boasted that they sold many of these designer fabrics. I was intrigued....

So this week I happened to have nothing to do and some extra money to burn, so I talked my mom into driving "ALL THE WAY" into Franklin, MA. When we arrived, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, it was all meant to be.

We walked into this expansive mill space, and the first fabric display had a bunch of Amy Butler fabrics to choose from. I needed to pace myself! This was the first time that I really ever saw any of these designer fabrics in person at a store. I saw AB's new "Love" collection, and boy was I in love!

So as I sauntered throughout the whole store, I past through the quilting fabric, into the home dec rolls, and they also had a huge yarn selection. After I felt confident in the fact that I inspected very inch of the store, I went back to the quilting fabric to make my selections.

I was also purchasing the "Sweet Harmony" pattern by Amy Butler, so I figured I should buy the fabric to go along with it. After a lot of deep thought, soul searching, weighing pros and con, and being incredibly indecisive, I settled upon prints from Amy Butler's Midewest Modern 2 and Daisy Chain collections.

After paying for my wares, I was delighted to see that the incredibly friendly salesperson placed everything in a translucent bag and secured it with a pink ribbon.

A perfect end to a perfect day.....

PS - The Franklin Mill Store has a blog, . Check it out!

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