Tuesday, March 16, 2010

embroidery hoop art

My project of the day was to figure out what to do with a seriously blank and boring wall in my bedroom. A trip to IKEA over the weekend proved unsuccessful, as the wall art that I wanted was a little bit too expensive for my budget. Well maybe I could've afforded the one I really wanted if I committed to eating peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of the week...

As if by fate, I was perusing through an oldish issue of Country Living and I saw a viable option, embroidery hoops! What makes it even better, is that I have quite a bit of fabric scraps in colors that would compliment my bedroom.

I found this great tutorial from the purl bee, and I learned that these are also called "swatch portraits". I did a little more research and found that some people also use felt or muslin to back the fabric if it is too thin or translucent.

My inspiration rooms:
image: countryliving

image: micassid

image: DesignsbyNancyT

image: jupiter buttons

image:lara cameron

image: the workroom

image: contentedsparrow

image: fnur

I love the rooms where the hoops are in a variety of sizes. I did some scoping out on ebay and I purchased 6 embroidery hoops for just under five bucks. Oh I hope the mailman comes fast...

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  1. Super cute...

    I have a friend that did something kind of similar but used old scraps of fabric and old frames...(I'll blog about it soon) but it's a super cute idea too :)