Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mini blog makeover

As I read through the countless blogs out there, I started to realize that I had "blog envy." So many blogs have such beautiful headers/banners, backgrounds, sidebar titles, etc. Being the way that I am, I started to research custom blog design. I looked through portfolio after portfolio, and there are soooooo many talented graphic artists and blog designers out there.

Due to a slight problem in the self control department, I needed to restrain myself from purchasing a fancy custom design package. Boy did I want one, I still want one! However I made a pact with myself, that perhaps once I get some readers and establish my blog a little further, then I can go nuts with some custom design.

So for now, I'm going to make due. By making due, of course I mean dabbling with some HTML coding and tutorials. What kind of DIY-er would I be if I let things alone?

After a lot more googling, I came across some wonderful resources.

April Showers Blog Design

April not only custom designs gorgeous blogs, but she also lists several helpful tutorials that can help you make your blog awesome. I used her tutorial to turn my blog into three columns, and I also used it to tweak borders.

Sneaky Momma Blog Design
Sneaky Momma Blog Design

This blog features TONS of tips and tutorials! You can find out how to customize many different aspects of your blog using these very easy to follow directions. The best part is that new posts feature new tools and tricks. Today I read the post about a firefox add-on called Colorzilla that finds the HTML color code for whatever you click on. I downloaded this add-on this morning and used it to find colors that matched my header.

Speaking of headers, mine is new. For this, I broke down and paid for a custom design. In my defense, I did try to make one using Picasa, however I wasn't really happy with it. I ended up finding Jacq & Mal on etsy. The prices are super reasonable and this seller is great to work with.

I'm so in love with my new banner...

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