Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Cake Pops

As I was searching for something fun to make for Easter, I decided to search on one of my favorite blogs, bakerella. I stumbled across her signature "cake pops" and decided to have a go at it.

On her site, there are several to make that are kind of springy and Easter-y, so I decided on the chicks. Bakerella's beautiful chicks can be viewed here.

So late night in the "flood conditions" that are plaguing New England, I make the long drive to A.C. Moore for some melting chocolates, lollipop sticks, and decorations. Bakerella recommended candy coated chips (nose), multi-colored diamonds (wings) and pastel wild flowers (feet). I was able to find the candy coated chips and I ended up purchased a Wilton sprinkle assortment for the other features on the chick.

Late last night I baked a Duncan Hines Chocolate cake, and after it cooled I broke it up and mixed in a can of chocolate frosting. My mother helped me roll the mixture into 1-inch balls, and this was such a messy job. Our hands were covered in cake and frosting and it was not an enjoyable experience.

This morning I melted the yellow chocolate and started to dip the cake balls. This process did not go as smoothly as I thought it would. It was incredibly difficult to get the chocolate to evenly coat the cake ball. I think I need to read some more directions and watch some more youtube videos for tips.

As you can see, we suffered some casualties...

Here's a group shot of the surviving chicks

Here are some pretty pictures using Die Cuts With a View "Sweet Stack" as a backdrop.



  1. Oh, I love them and must make them. Sorry about the casualties but I bet they still tasted good.

  2. oh yes, even the broken ones were delicious!

  3. Hi Stopping by from SITS. These are simply too cute.I bet these are yummy too! Keep up the good work. I stop back soon.

  4. Yummy! I am visiting from SITS. I am crafty too but not in the kitchen! Hopefully I can get some sewing tips from you!

    I am now your follower on Google Friend Connect. And I am a Brittany too!

  5. Hi, I'm from SITS and love your blog! These are darling and I'm going to start following you!

    Happy Easter!